RoundHouse is first and foremost a gathering place for artists.

 Unlike most recording done these days, RoundHouse creates a relaxed environment for artists to perform with each other around a central fireplace.


So the best music created here is done with spontaneity as friends.

"Blasphemy!" says the Recording Engineer.  "Where is my control with my multi-track sessions, where one artist performs at a time?"

It never was about muti-tracking.  It was always about the music.  At RoundHouse we are putting the soul back in the music.  The above carefully hand crafted acoustical music space is an environment where artists are encouraged to have group sessions.  The energy, brilliance and emotion that comes from symbiotic artists interplay is ageless.   It is how music was meant to be created, by being experienced and felt.  It is about the music first.

Spontaneous Ignition

This is the genesis.  The muse calls and the music falls around you in a sunshine  firefall.  This spontaneous ignition is the RoundHouse symbol of a kopelli sun.  The first objective is to capture that spark and the resulting brilliance,

Artistic Direction

At the center of the RoundHouse Symbol is the Compass Rose.  This is the direction of your creation.   Once the orgin has been captured the recording studio can help you with each piece to its fulfillment.  This process will probably involve some multi-track sessions.   This is the proper place for the technology, to support the creation and to provide a path under your direction.